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Steward in the Spotlight

Palouse Democratic Socialists of America
Palouse Democratic Socialists of America

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Contact: Shannon Brenner

Segment: Aqua

Number of Participants: 8


What is your history with the Adopt-A-Stream Program? How many years have you participated? Number of volunteers involved over the years?

"This is our first year doing the program! We've only had 8 or so members participate so far but hope more will get involved."


Why did your group decide to join the Adopt-A-Stream Program?

"We are a new organization on the Palouse and wanted to find small ways to engage with and give back to the community. Environmentalism is a core tenant of DSA organizations, and participating in the Adopt-A-Stream program seemed like a great way to get our name out into the community while addressing local environmental concerns."


What do you find to be most rewarding as an Adopt-A-Stream Steward?

"The tangible bags of garbage that we took away from the stream after the clean up was very rewarding."

Any memorable stories to share from past cleaning events?

"We loved hearing from a group of walkers on the trail that they appreciated what we were doing. They mentioned that they also try to pick up trash along the trail while they walk. 'It takes a village to keep the stream clean,' they said, and we couldn't agree more!"

5.19.2019 PDSA Clean-up.jpg