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Steward in the Spotlight

Phoenix Conservancy & The WSU School of the Environment

Contact: Kayla Wakulich

Segment: Orange

Number of Participants: 20


What is your history with the Adopt-A-Stream Program? How many years have you participated? Number of volunteers involved over the years?

"This is our first year in the Adopt-A-Stream Program though we have worked with members of WSU Environmental Science on their section of the creek for the last year. As such, we have only supplemented their volunteers and collaborated on events with them over that time and I would not yet say we have had our own, though we are excited to have more public events there!"



Why did your group decide to join the Adopt-A- Stream Program?

"We decided to join because we had become invested in the health of that stream section and wanted to make sure it was well taken care of. Additionally, we firmly believe that this program does a fantastic job of engaging the community and fostering ownership of our shared natural resources."


What do you find to be most rewarding as an Adopt-A-Stream Steward?

"Phoenix managers and interns love the opportunity to engage with the public while spending time stewarding our section of the stream. It is a great way to educate those who live here and remind them how important our waterways are to this region."


Any memorable stories to share from past cleaning events?

"Our very first year in operation (2017) we participated in the Annual Pullman Stream Clean-Up and it was one of our first such events as a team. It was so valuable for everyone to be working together and we were so happy to see how many people came out to work together for our community. And the satisfaction of bags full of trash and a clean stream really can't be beat!"