Meet these community groups making a difference in our backyard!

Steward in the Spotlight

Pullman Good Food Co-op

Contact: Rae Olsson

Segment: Blue

Number of Participants: 623 members+


What is your history with the Adopt-A-Stream Program? How many years have you participated? Number of volunteers involved over the years?

2021 will be the Pullman Good Food Co-op's first of what we hope to be many years of participation with the Adopt-A-Stream program. We are planning our first cleanup for early September, and we think we'll have a good turnout of at least 20 people!


Why did your group decide to join the Adopt-A- Stream Program?

The Co-op is committed to stewardship of the land where we are located, and to working toward sustainability in our community. Participating in the Adopt-A-Stream will allow us to take part in caring for our town and the gorgeous waterways and ecosystem while coming together in a group effort. Our board members and many of the owners we have talked with share the common value of community service, and the Adopt-A-Stream program aligns with one of the Seven Cooperative Principles, Concern for Community.


What do you find to be most rewarding as an Adopt-A-Stream Steward?

Although we haven't yet served in a stream cleanup, we are looking forward to sharing in the beautification and care of Palouse waterways, the sense of community in working together toward a greater goal, and being outside together. We hope to see some wildlife and friendly faces too!