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Steward in the Spotlight

WSU Shark Conservation Club

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Contact: Amanda Krieger

Segment: Blue

Number of Participants: 10


What is your history with the Adopt-A-Stream Program? How many years have you participated? Number of volunteers involved over the years?

"This is our first year becoming a steward for Pullman, but we are very excited to contribute! We hope to make this a tradition in our club, and involve as many people from WSU as we can. We have had a total of 10 volunteers involved so far."


Why did your group decide to join the Adopt-A- Stream Program?

"We decided to participate in the Adopt-A-Stream program because of the International Coastal Cleanup day. Since WSU is so far from any large body of water, we decided to choose the stream and make an impact where we are. It is amazing that this program exists, and we are so happy that we found it!"


What do you find to be most rewarding as an Adopt-A-Stream Steward?

"The feeling of cleaning up a waterway for those species that live in it, is the most rewarding part of being a steward. Since we are a conservation club, our goal is to participate in anything around Pullman that will help preserve the environment and prevent it from human destruction."

Any memorable stories to share from past cleaning events?

"When we arrived, we decided that we would ease into the water since it was our first cleanup. So, as we’re all wandering the banks looking for trash, our VP Ryan immediately jumped into the water to retrieve an extremely rusted bike. Although the bike wasn’t usable in the end, it was nice to have that massive piece of trash removed from the environment."

"We had finished cleaning up our side of the stream, but we had only found a small amount of trash. Although we love when there is no trash in the stream or on the banks, we didn’t want to waste our time and just go home. As a group, we wandered over to a hill on the other side of the stream (across from the RV parking lot) and we were able to fill three trash bags full."

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