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Now Hiring: Soil and Water Conservation Intern

We are now hiring for a Soil and Water Conservation Intern!

The Soil and Water Conservation Intern will assist the Palouse Conservation District in implementing a research and monitoring program to assess changes in water quality, soil health, and riparian habitat associated with conservation projects installed on private lands.  The conservation measures assessed will include riparian buffers, post-assisted log structures, beaver dam analogs, regenerative agriculture, and conversion in tillage practices. This internship will provide networking opportunities while working with private landowners and partners from local, state, and federal agencies, and scientists from WSU and the University of Idaho. While working with the Research and Monitoring team the intern will conduct water quality monitoring, stream and riparian habitat assessments, vegetation surveys, and soil health sampling. They will learn basic data and statistical analysis in R and Excel, GIS mapping and analysis techniques, and use GPS systems to map and monitor changes over time. The intern will also work with the Research and Monitoring Program Manager to design and implement a research project that fits the individual’s interests. 

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