Lives to an average age of 250 years, although trees can be found over 300 years old. Can grow anywhere from 140 to 200 feet tall, with a trunk that can reach 60 inches in diameter. Fast grower with rates of 31 to 35 inches per year in western Washington (though generally slower in eastern Washington). Adapted to a wide range of sites, often occurring in moist sites such as valley’s and stream bottoms. Can grow on drier soils as an upland species, particularly in the inland Northwest. Grand fir occurs throughout the northwest US, commonly found at low- to mid-elevations that range from sea level on the west side to 5,000 feet east of the Cascades. Used as a restoration species due to its adaptability and quick growth. Needles are most distinctive feature; large, flat, and dark green, strongly flattened along the stem in 2 distinct ranks.


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Grand Fir


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