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Chi Sigma Alpha National Sorority, Inc

Stream Segment: Brown A

Contact Name: Callista Faye Lagunoy

Number of Participants: 21

History with the AAS Program

We started volunteering for Adopt-A-Stream in 2013, and we got a stream in March of 2014. From then on we have continued to work with the Adopt-A-Stream program. Over the years, we’ve had about 36 sisters who have helped volunteer with cleaning our stream.

Reason for joining AAS Program

Our group decided that we would participate in the Adopt-A-Stream program because we saw this as an opportunity to help give back our community. One of Chi Sigma Alpha’s pillars is Service, so when we see an opportunity to give back to the community, we enjoy helping out in every way possible.

Most rewarding experience with the AAS Program

What we find to be the most rewarding as an Adopt-A-Stream Steward is seeing the difference we make by cleaning up our stream. When we do our clean-ups, we are able to see how much of a difference we are making picking up the trash left by other people. Although it may not be a lot of trash, we are still able to clear the stream so that it can function without the little pieces of trash that may get in it.

Favorite memory from AAS Clean-Ups

The memories that we make while cleaning our stream are always memorable. Sometimes we find interesting things on our stream segment or some sisters get really into cleaning our stream that they don’t see us moving on to a different section. But in all, every time we are cleaning our stream we are always enjoying each other's company, being able to do something together that we all enjoy, and are able to make memories with is my favorite part about cleaning our stream. We are giving back to our community and enjoying it, at that.

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