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Adopt-A-Stream Program

Make a lasting impact in your community by becoming a Stream Steward!

The Pullman Adopt-A-Stream Program was started in 2011 by City of Pullman Stormwater Services, to engage community members, local business, and students in the preservation of healthy Palouse waterways through clean-up activities and annual maintenance. Similar to the Adopt-A-Highway Program, the streams that flow through the City of Pullman, Paradise Creek, South Fork Palouse River, Dry Fork Creek and Missouri Flat Creek, have been divided into “adoptable” stream segments to be maintained by community groups or individuals.

How it Works

Individuals, families, community groups, local businesses, and student organizations can adopt a stream segment to maintain throughout the year. By participating in the program, you are committing to clean your stream segment 3 times annually. Additional clean-up activities are highly encouraged.

Once a group has signed up to become a steward, a sign will be installed at a prominent location along the segment, advertising your participation to the Pullman community. For those locations along the stream where signs are not feasible, an alternate method of recognition will be used.


Stewards are required to review and agree to the rules of the Adopt-A-Stream Program. Since many of the segments are located on private lands, stewards are required to respect posted signage. If you or your community group, are interested in becoming Stream Stewards, find out more here!

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