AmeriCorps Outreach and Restoration Technician


Position Summary

The Palouse Conservation District is actively seeking an Education/Outreach & Restoration Technician AmeriCorps Member who will serve directly with our Natural Resource Coordinator and Education and Outreach Coordinator to implement conservation practices with local landowners and volunteer groups. The member will be responsible for activities such as riparian buffer project planning; planting riparian buffers for increased water quality; invasive/noxious weed eradication; restoration project site maintenance; volunteer coordination and management and water quality monitoring. The AmeriCorps member will also serve with local schools and citizens to develop and deliver educational activities. Education activities will include providing educational programs to students, landowners, and volunteers through workshops and outreach materials on local watershed and natural resource issues, benefits of conservation areas, benefits of riparian areas, and water quality protection.


The three primary goals of this project are:

1) To improve water quality by achieving increased survivability of riparian buffer and upland plantings

2) To coordinate volunteer participation at watershed restoration projects

3) To educate and raise community awareness on the importance of riparian buffers and the impacts of non-point source pollution within our local watersheds.


Application Instructions

To apply, please submit all application materials through the AmeriCorps portal.





The Palouse Conservation District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All programs and services of the Palouse Conservation District are offered on a nondiscriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status or disability.

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