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City Nature Challenge: Palouse Region


The City Nature Challenge (CNC) is a bio-blitz competition that brings together cities from all over the world to observe wildlife and log those observations on the iNaturalist app. Observations of wild flora and fauna help scientists understand species distributions and further local and global biodiversity goals.

The dates for the 2024 competition are April 26-29, 2024. Any observations recorded through iNaturalist in Whitman or Latah Counties during this time will count toward the Palouse Region CNC.

You do not need to be an expert to participate in the CNC! All you need is an interest in local wildlife, access to wild (not captive or cultivated) organisms, and an iNaturalist account.

For more information, visit the City Nature Challenge FAQs page.

Join us for the 2024 City Nature Challenge in the Palouse Region of Washington and Idaho! Help us document the incredible biodiversity of the Palouse by making observations of any wild organisms in Latah or Whitman Counties from April 26 - 29, 2024.

Check out these iNaturalist how-to video tutorials!

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