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Wildfire Resiliency

As part of funding awarded by the Washington State Conservation Commission, PCD is seeking to provide technical and financial assistance for homeowners residing within the PCD boundary. Staff members are available to visit properties and provide one-on-one advice for conducting a home ignition zone risk assessment, hazardous fuels reduction, forest health improvements, defensible space creation, and more. Cost-share funding is also available for homeowners to assist with hazardous vegetation removal, with priority status granted to those living in rural- and urban-wildland interfaces and rural communities within the PCD boundary.


Click here to view a map of the PCD boundary. Click here to view a map of the USDA fire exposure risk for all structures in Whitman County. To find the exposure risk for your home or property, click the search button in the bottom left of the map and type in your address.


If you are interested in receiving technical or financial assistance for wildfire resiliency on your property, please click the button below.

This program is funded by a grant from the Washington State Conservation Commission.

For more information on our wildfire resiliency program and available funding, please contact:
Andrew Mackey | | (509) 553-3032

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