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Water Conservation in the Palouse River Watershed

Students identify aquatic macroinvertebrates collected from a local stream.

PC: Cailin O'Malley

Know Your Flow!

Groundwater levels of the Palouse are dropping, and it will take a community-wide effort to reduce groundwater pumping and protect our aquifers.

our water resources


Water is a precious resource here on the Palouse. Our communities rely entirely on groundwater sources for drinking water and our surface waters have become contaminated with non-point source pollutants from agricultural and urban runoff. The Grande Ronde and Wanapum aquifers are the largest aquifers in our region. They are confined, meaning that there is an impermeable layer of substrate that prevents water from entering and recharging the aquifers. 

The rate at which we pump water from our aquifers is greater than the rate that water is added to them. As a result, our aquifers continue to decline and conservation efforts become increasingly more important.

To learn more about the state of our aquifers, visit the Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee's website.

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Learn More!

View Everyday Water Conservation with Pullman City Engineer Cara Haley 


Learn more about our Adopt-A-Stream program and help keep our streams clean year-round!

Enjoy Some Art!

View the winners of our K-12 "Life Without Water" Student Art Contest!

Check out these webpages to learn more about how to conserve water!

Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee

PBAC provides information on the state of our local aquifers, including yearly Water Usage Reports and other presentations and articles.

Water Use it Wisely

This webpage provides water-saving tips, including over 100 different ways you can conserve water in your home!

EPA's Watersense

Get information on EPA-labeled WaterSense products, water-saving tips, and advice on how to read your water bill.

Water Footprint Calculator

Calculate your water footprint to find out how many gallons of water you use each day, then compare your results against the national average!

Home Water Challenge

Get device installation instructions and other information on how to calibrate your home water systems to conserve water!

Wisescape Guidebook

Check out this guide to water-wise landscaping! It includes advice on landscape design, turf removal, irrigation, and much more.

City of Pullman Water Conservation Incentives

Find rebate options and devices available to Pullman residents.

City of Moscow Water Conservation Incentives

Find rebate options and devices available to Moscow residents.

Check out these fun children's links!

Water Education Foundation

Learn about the water cycle, groundwater, water quality, the earth's water supply, and how you can conserve water!

EPA's Watersense for Kids

Learn about easy ways to conserve water and take a fun quiz to test your knowledge!

Tip Tank Game (Water Use it Wisely)

Flip over the cards and reveal their pairs. Be careful not to drain the tank!

Discover Water Game (Project WET)

Play different games to explore fresh water and watersheds, learn about the water cycle, and discover ways to conserve water!

Don't Flood the Fidgits Game (PBS Kids)

Design a city that is safe from flooding, but be careful not to flood the fidgits!

NOAA SciJinks

Learn all about weather and the Earth's atmosphere!

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