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Palouse Conservation District

Stream Segment: Black

Contact Name: Mindy McAllister

Number of Participants: 20

History with the AAS Program

Palouse Conservation District took ownership of the Adopt A Stream Program starting in 2018. Our Stream Steward team also includes staff, AmeriCorps, interns, and volunteers!

Reason for joining AAS Program

We decided to adopt our own section in 2019 to serve as an example of stream stewardship for the Pullman community.There are many ways that PCD staff helps streams in the Palouse region, but cleaning debris from our waterways has a direct and immediate impact that can be seen.

Most rewarding experience with the AAS Program

Adopt-A-Stream is yet another conservation program that we are able to administer and participate in along the Palouse. The satisfaction of cleaning up the stream and hauling trash out of the streams is an important motivator to our work. Plus we get to meet amazing community members along the way!

Favorite memory from AAS Clean-Ups

Treasures we have found include: bike wheel and tire, soccer ball, dino toys, storm drain caps, and more.

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