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Phoenix Conservancy & The WSU School of the Environment

Stream Segment: Orange

Contact Names: Chris Duke, Kara Whitman, and Shilo Sprouse

Number of Participants: 20

History with the AAS Program

We've been part of the Adopt-A-Stream Program since 2021, being invited originally by Allyson Beall King to join the Adopt-A-Stream membership for WSU's School of the Environment. Following our first cleanup in Fall 2021, we've completed regular cleanups, thanks in large part to the help of more than 100 volunteers.

Reason for joining AAS Program

We decided to join when we were made Restoration Stewards of the section of Missouri Flat Creek between Grand Ave and Stadium Way, as we started intensive restoration work on the creek that also included regular cleanups.

Most rewarding experience with the AAS Program

The most rewarding thing about the Adopt-A-Stream program is the sense of direct results at the end of the day, seeing how much trash can be removed by a crew. Restoration is often an exercise in delayed gratification, so seeing such a tangible result can be very rewarding.

Favorite memory from AAS Clean-Ups

Our very first year in operation (2017) we participated in the Annual Pullman Stream Clean-Up and it was one of our first such events as a team. It was so valuable for everyone to be working together and we were so happy to see how many people came out to work together for our community. And the satisfaction of bags full of trash and a clean stream really can't be beat!

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