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University of Idaho Environmental Philosophy Class

Stream Segment: Crimson

Contact Name: Aleta Quinn

Number of Participants: 25

History with the AAS Program

Brooke Behunin and other students in the Fall 2018 version of UI's Environmental Philosophy class adopted a stream segment. Students from subsequent cohorts have continued to participate in stream clean-ups, and the professor covers the summer. About 25 students have volunteered for this activity.

Reason for joining AAS Program

Students complete a service learning activity for the course, and some volunteers have joined from the philosophy club as well. The Program is a great opportunity to contribute to environmental and community health, while enjoying the outdoors.

Most rewarding experience with the AAS Program

The chance to learn about water and wildlife in our community is very rewarding. In addition, that each cohort of the class inherits the responsibility contributes to a sense of community.

Favorite memory from AAS Clean-Ups

We've spotted Wandering Garter Snakes several times, as late as October, catching the last bit of heat and light before heading underground for the winter.

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