Jennifer Boie



Phone: (509) 332-4101 ext #107


Jennifer is the Director for the Palouse Conservation District.  Jennifer has spent the past 16 years working with local community members to implement conservation projects on the Palouse. She has worked for the District since 2010 and enjoys working with landowners and residents within the Palouse River Watershed to inform them about voluntary conservation practices that will help improve natural resource conditions.  Jennifer holds a Masters degree in Environmental Science and a Ph.D. in Natural Resources with a focus in Conservation Social Science. Jennifer’s dissertation research took a practical application approach to looking at Producers’ Perspectives for Further Understanding Factors that Influence Implementation of Conservation Practices in Whitman County, Washington. During her time as Director for the Palouse Conservation District, Jennifer has worked to create new and innovative ways to build partnerships, stretching beyond district and state boundaries to address natural resource concerns at the watershed and regional scale.   These partnership building initiatives include the Palouse Conservation Forum, and the recently funded Palouse River Watershed Implementation Partnership.  In her leisure time she enjoys camping and hiking with her husband and two daughters.

Laura Heinse

Conservation Partnership Manager


Phone: (509) 332-4101 ext #105


Laura is the Conservation Partnership Manager for Palouse Conservation District. Her work has focused on helping landowners implement riparian buffers and direct seed practices, graze cattle to benefit wildlife, manage elk damage on hay fields and range, and prevent sheep and goats from spreading pneumonia to bighorn sheep. She grew up on a sheep farm and cherry orchard in Wenatchee, and holds a PhD in Environmental and Natural Resources from Washington State University, a MSc in Resource Management from Central Washington University, and a BA in Sociology from Whitman College.

Brad Johnson

Middle Snake Watershed Manager

VSP Coordinator


Phone: (509) 332-4101 ext #106


Brad has a BS in Biology from Dickinson State University in ND.  His first job in the northwest was in the Fisheries Department at the University of Idaho, where he worked with Masters and PhD students.  In 1996, he was hired by the Asotin County Conservation District where he held various positions leading the administration and implementation of habitat restoration projects for salmonid species listed on the Endangered Species Act.  In 2006, Brad was hired by the Asotin County Public Utility District as the WRIA 35 Watershed Director, where he worked with County Commissioners in four counties, landowners, technical agencies, two tribal governments and citizens to complete the Middle Snake Watershed Plan.  He looks forward to working with landowners in the Palouse on complex resource issues.  Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions or ideas on future projects.   

Jessica Self

Grants and Development Manager


Phone: (509) 332-4101 ext #114


Jessica is the Grants and Development Manager for the Palouse Conservation District and is responsible for spearheading new grants and managing developing projects. She comes from a diverse background of biological research, habitat restoration and conservation implementation. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Western Washington University and a Master’s of Science in Biology from Georgia Southern University. Her graduate thesis focused on the advantage of bipedal running in lizards within desert landscapes. Jessica has spent her entire professional career working in the western United States. In her spare time, you will find her exploring the Palouse while running, hiking and snowshoeing as well as enjoying quality time with her family.

Jodi Prout

Education and Outreach Coordinator


Phone: (509) 332-4101 ext #109


As a fourth-generation Palouse native, Jodi has over ten years experience in environmental education and natural resources and understands the importance of getting communities involved in their backyard. Jodi is passionate about the intersection between people and natural resources, and looks forward to developing locally driven education curriculum, outreach to the Palouse community, and working to bridge community members of different backgrounds to address conservation issues in our region. She completed her Masters of Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Education with University of Idaho. When she isn’t teaching she can be found working on a new art project, playing in the garden or exploring the northwest by foot or river with her family.

Ryan Boylan

Research and Monitoring Coordinator


Phone: (509) 332-4101 ext. #112


Ryan is the Research and Monitoring Coordinator for the Palouse Conservation District.  He is responsible for designing and implementing studies that quantify the effects of conservation practices on water quality, soil health and fish and wildlife habitat throughout the Palouse Basin.  Prior to working for the District Ryan worked for the Nez Perce Tribe as a Water Resources Specialist and completed a Master’s degree in Water Resources Science and Management from the University of Idaho.  When not out collecting samples he enjoys spending time outdoors mountain biking, fly fishing as well as playing ice hockey.          

Nick Harris

Research and Monitoring Technician


Phone: (509) 332-4101 ext. #120


Nick began working for Palouse Conservation District as an intern in 2018. He has since become the Research and Monitoring Technician, helping to work on projects across the Palouse Basin to study the effects of conservation practices on water quality, soil health, and habitat for aquatic and wildlife species. Originally from Kent, Nick has spent his life living in various areas across Washington. He received a B.S. in Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences, as well as a certificate in both Water Resources Science and Management and Geospatial Analysis from Washington State University. In his free time, Nick enjoys hiking, snow shoeing, camping, and traveling with friends and family.     

Jon Meyer

Cultural Resources Coordinator


phone: (509) 332-4101 ext#102    

In some form or another, Jon has been working as an archaeologist for nearly twenty years.  Jon received his M.A. in Anthropology from Washington State University in 2001. He has participated on archaeological excavations and surveys throughout the United States, as well as in South Asia.  Prior to joining the Palouse Conservation District, he was employed by the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation for over a decade.  In this capacity, he worked with federal and state agencies, local governments, and private landowners to protect cultural resources.  In his free time, Jon enjoys counting flowers on the wall and holes in Albert Hall.

Anthony Hatcher

Conservation Coordinator

Conservation Agriculture, Palouse Prairie, and Riparian Restoration


Phone: (509) 332-4101 ext. #113


Anthony works with landowners and agricultural producers to implement projects and practices that aim to improve soil health, reduce erosion, improve water quality, and create wildlife habitat throughout the district. He also works on projects to restore Palouse Prairie remnants and conduct surveys for rare plants.  Before joining the PCD team, Anthony worked for various conservation agencies around the country and has diverse experience in habitat restoration, soil, water and vegetation monitoring, botany, and rangeland management. When not at the PCD, he enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and friends.

Drew Schuldt

Conservation Coordinator

Riparian Restoration and AmeriCorps Program


Phone: (509) 332-4101 ext #108


Drew began working with the District as an AmeriCorps member in 2011 and has been an employee since 2012.  After graduating from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with degrees in Environmental Studies and History, Drew spent some time traveling and doing various internships, eventually finding his way onto the Palouse.  As the Natural Resource Coordinator, he oversees  several program areas including riparian/wildlife/urban restoration, conservation planning, SCC internship, and the Tree Sale.  In his free time he enjoys travelling, backpacking, biking, pinball, and spending time with his cats. 

Randy Stevens

Conservation Coordinator

Conservation Agriculture, Riparian Restoration, and Salmon Recovery


Phone: (509) 332-4101 ext #104


Randy has a Master's degree in Crop Science from Washington State University focused on Weed Science and Ecology. As a long time resident of the Palouse he has spent many years implementing riparian restoration projects and working to conserve natural resources and promote stewardship in the region.

Stephanie Harper

Conservation Coordinator

Riparian Restoration and Conservation Agriculture


Phone: (509) 332-4101 ext. #117


Stephanie works with landowners throughout the district to implement conservation projects to reduce soil erosion, increase water quality, and provide suitable habitat for wildlife. She holds a B.S. in Environmental Science and a M.S. in Biology. Stephanie has a diverse background including experience in research, weed management, and habitat assessment. Outside of work she enjoys hiking, camping, and spending time with her two dogs.  

Tami Stubbs

Conservation Coordinator

Conservation Agriculture


Phone: (509) 332-4101 ext #111


Tami coordinates enrollment into direct seed, precision agriculture and related conservation agriculture programs. She also works with the Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association on implementation of the Farmed Smart sustainable agriculture certification program. Tami holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy and a Master's degree in Soil Science from Washington State University with focus on soil quality and soil microbiology. She was raised on a farm near Spokane, and continues to farm with her husband and family in western Whitman County. She is excited for the opportunity to work with growers to plan and implement conservation practices that preserve and enhance the beautiful soils of the Palouse, and to begin certifying farms using sustainable production practices as “Farmed Smart”.

Zack Carter

Conservation Planner

Riparian Restoration and Monitoring, Tree Sale


Phone: (509) 332-4101 ext #110


Zack is a Conservation Planner working on restoration projects throughout the Palouse region. These conservation projects promote native riparian vegetation, streambank bioengineering, and removal of invasive plants to support healthy riparian function. Zack received his Bachelor’s degree in Forestry with an emphasis in Hydrology from Humboldt State University and his Master’s degree in Hydrology from the University of Nevada, Reno. He sees working in riparian areas as an opportunity to protect clean water resources, to sustain ecological function, and to promote responsible use of the land. When not saving our waterways, Zack appreciates backpacking, dawn patrol fly fishing, and loves a good game of cribbage.

Garrett LaCivita

Conservation Planner

Conservation Agriculture and Riparian Restoration


Phone: (509) 332-4101 ext #119


Originally from the DC area, Garrett recently joined as a Conservation Planner to help landowners start, or continue, projects that enhance soil health and water quality, create new habitat for fish and wildlife, and reduce erosion. Garrett holds two Bachelor’s degrees from Virginia Tech in Fisheries Science and Wildlife Biology, and recently completed her Master’s in Conservation Leadership and Conflict Management from Colorado State University. Over the last 10 years Garrett has worked with the US Park Service and US Forest Service as a fish and wildlife technician throughout the Western United States, and in the US Peace Corps for two and half years as a rural aquaculture specialist in Zambia, Africa. When not working or being outside with her dog, Garrett enjoys cooking, live music, and traveling the world.

Emma Squires

Field Crew Lead


Phone: (509) 332-4101 ext #116


As the Field Crew Lead for the 2019 season, Emma assists in implementing and maintaining different projects which the District works on. She received a B.S. in Natural Resources Management and Policy with minors in Environmental Science and Biology from Paul Smith’s College. She is excited to be able to have a job which allows her to help restore and protect native ecosystems. In her free time Emma enjoys spending time with those she cares for, giving love to her houseplants, and day-dreaming about the future in which she has pet dogs.

Cailin O'Malley

Conservation, Research and Outreach Intern


Phone: (509) 332-4101 ext #116


Cailin is the Washington State Conservation Commission Intern for PCD. She had been interning with the District throughout the school year, assisting with field work and volunteer events. This season she will work on research and monitoring, education and outreach, and field work projects. Cailin currently attends Washington State University pursuing a degree in Wildlife Ecology with minors in Spanish, Forestry, Agricultural Systems, and GIS. In her free time, she can be found hiking, traveling, baking bread or sharing a meal with some new friends.  

Alison Crowley

AmeriCorps Education/Outreach and Restoration Technician


Phone: (509) 332-4101 ext #118


Alison Crowley is working this year as our AmeriCorps Education/Outreach and Restoration Technician. Alison will assist in implementing conservation practices with local landowners and volunteer groups, research and monitoring, along with education and outreach programs. Alison obtained her Bachelors of Science in Environmental Studies and Agriscience from Michigan State University. She recently moved from Hawai'i where she was working for a watershed partnership, that focused on invasive species removal from the native Hawaiian forests. While Alison isn't working you can find her exploring the wilderness, fire dancing or at a local yoga class. 

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