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Pullman Good Food Co-Op

Stream Segment: Blue

Contact Name: Andrew Jacobs

Number of Participants: 623+ members

History with the AAS Program

We have been a part of the Adopt-A-Stream program since Fall of 2021. We are planning our second cleanup for late Spring 2022, and we think we'll have a great turnout of at least 20 people!

Reason for joining AAS Program

The Co-op is committed to stewardship of the land where we are located, and to working toward sustainability in our community. Participating in the Adopt-A-Stream allows us to take part in caring for our town and the gorgeous waterways and ecosystem while coming together in a group effort. Our board members and many of the owners we have talked with share the common value of community service, and the Adopt-A-Stream program aligns with one of the Seven Cooperative Principles, Concern for Community.

Most rewarding experience with the AAS Program

We had a great turnout last fall for the stream cleanup, and we are looking forward to sharing in the beautification and care of Palouse waterways, the sense of community in working together toward a greater goal, and being outside together. We hope to see some wildlife and friendly faces too!

Favorite memory from AAS Clean-Ups

No - but we'll work on that!

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