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Citizen Science

Are you interested in gaining hands-on data-collection experience and learn more about the natural ecosystems around you? Now you can by participating in one of Palouse Conservation District's Citizen Science programs. Watch our video, "Citizen Science 101" to learn more about what it means to be a citizen scientist. 

How can you participate? Its easy! 

Download the app iNaturalist

Join our project, "Koppel Farm Beneficial Insects and Birds" on iNaturalist

Head over to Pullman Community Gardens at Koppel Farm and submit your observations of birds and insects 

While you're there, participate in Backyard Bingo at Koppel Farm to be entered in a raffle for your very own bee hotel. Watch our "Pollinators of the Palouse" video below to learn more.

Pollinators of the Palouse

Palouse Conservation District has partnered with Pullman Community Gardens at Koppel Farm, the City of Pullman, and National Association of Conservation Districts to establish the Koppel Farm Native Pollinator Garden. This plot contains native plants that provide important habitat for beneficial insects and birds. The Pollinator Project aims to involve community members in our effort to track the success of the Pollinator Garden.

Backyard Bingo at Koppel Farm

Get outside and fill out our Backyard Bingo at Koppel Farm sheet. Grab a bingo sheet while you are walking around Koppel Farm or print it off from home and roam around your own backyard or neighborhood. As you complete actions or observe objects, cross off the corresponding box. Once you complete five boxes in a row, send a picture with your completed sheet to


Submit your sheet by October 27th to be entered in a raffle to win your very own bee hotel.

Backyard Bingo at Koppel Farm.jpg
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