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Now Hiring: Education & Outreach Manager

We are now hiring for an Education and Outreach Manager! Applicants should be prepared to submit a letter of interest, a resume and three professional references. Screening will begin on November 26th.

The Education and Outreach Manager oversees and serves as the lead for the Palouse Conservation District (PCD) Education and Outreach Program. The Education and Outreach Coordinator is responsible for development and implementation of education and outreach initiatives that promote the role, mission, and goals of the District and its programs.

Essential to this position is: 1) being familiar with local conservation issues, resource concerns, and conservation needs, 2) maintaining relationships and partnerships with other agencies, 3) identifying conservation education needs and opportunities, 4) writing grant proposals to fund those opportunities, 5) administering District grants, 6) coordinating projects, and 7) implementing programs, events and activities. It is the responsibility of the Education and Outreach Coordinator to ensure that grant provisions are met including completion of scope of work and all supporting legal requirements, tracking grants (tasks and financial), writing reports, and keeping the Director and Board of Supervisors informed of grant and program status.

The Education and Outreach Coordinator recruits, leads and supervises the Education & Outreach Program team consisting of District staff, AmeriCorps Member(s), volunteers, and/or interns. The position will identify conservation education needs and opportunities and develop education programs and projects that address those needs; plan, organize, and coordinate educational lessons for youth, landowners, and the general public; plan, organize, and coordinate public events; develop effective communication and marketing materials; and assist other staff in carrying out miscellaneous grant or contract-related tasks as part of the District’s annual plan of work.

The goal of the Education and Outreach Coordinator is to develop and sustain an Education and Outreach program that increases community awareness of local natural resource conservation needs to help encourage a conservation ethic within the community. Outcomes of successful program administration include: education and outreach programs that enhance community engagement (K-12, college, and general community); increased public input into the District’s planning processes; increased awareness of the District’s programs (including availability of technical and financial assistance); and increased conservation practice implementation.

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