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Now Hiring: Resource Conservation Technician Crew Lead

Join our team! We are now hiring for a Resource Conservation Technician Crew Lead. Interested applicants should submit a letter of interest, a resume, and three professional references at the time of application. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

The Resource Conservation Technician Crew Lead is responsible for overseeing and coordinating a crew of technicians in completing various riparian restoration tasks. This position requires expertise in mechanical and chemical weed control, planting native trees and shrubs, harvesting and preparing plant materials, and installing wood/post structures in streams. The Crew Lead will work closely with project managers to determine fieldwork needs and develop a weekly schedule of work. Additionally, they will independently manage and track hours, equipment, travel, inventory, and other logistical aspects of the crew's operations.

Supervising subordinate staff and volunteers is an integral part of the role, ensuring that tasks are assigned effectively and carried out according to established protocols. The Crew Lead will also operate and maintain hand tools and small engine machinery, ensuring they are in proper working condition. They will be responsible for independently storing, tracking, and cleaning all tools used in the field, as well as organizing the warehouse, creating tool Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and coordinating tool replacements with project managers.

Driving and operating district fleet vehicles is a regular responsibility, including general cleaning and assisting with any maintenance needs. The Crew Lead must adhere to all district safety rules and policies, actively participating in incident reporting and providing suggestions for updates to safety guidance. In addition to the primary restoration tasks, the Crew Lead will assist the Resource Conservation Program with general tasks, such as creating maps, making suggestions about planting plans, assisting with Tree Sale coordination, or data entry.

Effective communication and outreach are essential components of the role. The Crew Lead will provide updates on program and project activities to co-workers, granting agencies, PCD Board of Supervisors, project partners, and the community. They will also play a vital role in enhancing public awareness and knowledge of the value of healthy natural resources and the importance of maintaining diverse, productive, and sustainable watersheds.

Click here to learn more and apply.

Palouse Conservation District is an equal opportunity employer.

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