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Pulse Growers: Participate in the Washington State Soil Health Survey!

Scientists from the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) and Washington State University (WSU) are collaborating to survey the soil health of seven specialty crops grown in our state. The project is funded through the WSDA Specialty Crop Block Grant Program. Researchers will assess baseline soil health and develop crop-specific soil health tools.

We are seeking participation from pulse growers during the 2022 growing seasons!

Eligible participants will:

  • Identify and describe their "best" and "worst" sites

  • Complete an online soil management survey

  • Allow project staff to collect soil samples from "best" and "worst" sites

  • Receive a free, individualized soil health report

The project will use in-field measurements and soil samples to analyze field and lab indicators of soil health. The soil management survey will provide background on practices that may affect soil health.

Participants will receive a soil health report of their "best" and "worst" sites, including comparisons to regional soil health data and other soil health indices.

Sampling will take place in late spring and early summer. WSU and WSDA staff will lead the field sampling efforts, in collaboration with the Palouse Conservation District. Staff will communicate directly with farmers to arrange for convenient field access.

Pulse growers interested in this program can fill out this interest form.

Questions? Contact Ryan Boylan at

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