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Upcoming Talk 12.14.23 | Weed Management

Join us on Thursday, December 14th at 6:00 pm via Zoom for the next installment of our Conservation Talk Series: "Got Weeds? The Fundamentals of Weed Management for Backyards and Small Acreages"

Are you having trouble managing weeds on your property? Do you want to help limit the spread of invasive species, but you're not sure how? Randy Stevens, Conservation Coordinator at Palouse Conservation District, will discuss: • The physiological traits of many local weed species and how to take advantage of those traits for control. • Different types of management systems for controlling invasive species and the timing and efficacy of each. • Brief identification and overview of several common weeds in our region.

Unable to join us for this presentation? The recording will be posted here a week after the presentation.


About our speaker

Randy has a Master's degree in Crop Science from Washington State University with a focus on Weed Science and Ecology. As a long-time resident of the Palouse, he has spent many years implementing riparian restoration projects and working to conserve natural resources and promote stewardship in the region.

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