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Growers: Take the WSDA Drought Survey!

Shared on behalf of the Washington State Department of Agriculture

Are you a dryland producer impacted by the 2021 drought?

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) needs your help! We humbly request your participation in a survey of soil management practices, and how those practices related to operational resilience during the 2021 drought. This information will be critical for us to learn more about how to support you in future drought conditions. We would love to hear from you by Sunday, May 1st.

The survey asks questions about 1. How you manage your soils, 2. The cost of implementing different soil management practices, and 3. The impacts of the 2021 drought. The survey can be taken all at once, or over multiple sessions. Results will increase our understanding of dryland production and help us communicate with decision makers so we can better support you. A summary of responses will be made widely available to the agricultural community.

This survey is being conducted on behalf of the Washington Soil Health Initiative (WaSHI). To learn more visit the WaSHI website.

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