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Now Accepting Commodity Buffer Sign-ups!

Why farm it when you could get paid to buffer it? The Commodity Buffer Program incentivizes producers to plant riparian buffers and take land out of crop production by compensating them for what the land is actually worth.

To participate in the program, one has to:

• Farm in the Palouse River Watershed

• Maintain the installed buffer for three years

• Meet the minimal buffer width based on tillage practice and stream type.

Previously planted buffers also have to meet program requirements in order to be eligible. Sign-up for the program is currently continuous. However, due to limited funding, sign-ups are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and will be concluded once all funding is allocated.

For more information on the Commodity Buffer program, visit here. Contact Anthony Hatcher with any questions at or (509) 553-1854.

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