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Upcoming Talk 03.14.24 | Plumage of the Palouse

Updated: Jan 17

Join us on Thursday, March 14th at 6:00 p.m. via Zoom for the next installment of our Conservation Talk Series! We will be joined by Casey Lowder, Director of the Pine Creek Conservation District.

Casey will showcase a curated selection of bird species that call the Palouse home. We will see and hear from a variety of birds that will give a sense of their remarkable diversity of form, behavior, and life history. We will explore local habitats from a bird's eye view and highlight conservation actions that can enable anyone to have a positive impact - from a student studying and living on campus to a farmer operating on thousands of acres. Along the way, we will talk about tools and tips for finding and identifying birds in the wild, the neighborhood park, and the backyard.

Unable to join us for this presentation? The recording will be posted here a week after the presentation.


About our speaker:

Casey Lowder grew up in rural North Carolina where he was fortunate to have open access to pastures, woods, and creeks on his great-uncle's farm. Direct experience with nature and agriculture sparked his fascination with biology and genetics. Research experience at North Carolina State University opened opportunities to work in the ag-biotech industry where he contributed to the development of crop varieties with enhanced traits for tolerating stress and resisting pests using a variety of techniques from controlled environment physiology to directed evolution. An escalating interest in birds and a move to the beautiful Palouse in 2020 prompted a shift in career focus. Casey now works with residents and farmers on soil, water, and habitat conservation and enhancement in northeast Whitman County in his role with Pine Creek CD.

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