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Upcoming Talk 12.15.21| Organic Herbicides and Their Potential Role in Palouse Agriculture

Join Palouse Conservation District for the Soil Health Sit Down, a conversation with producers, industry professionals, and researchers about soil health on Wednesday, December 15th at 7:00 AM via Zoom. Dr. Lynne Carpenter Boggs, Washington State University Soil Scientist and Professor, and Aaron Appleby, Ph.D. Candidate in Crop Science, will present on Organic Herbicides and Their Potential Role in Palouse Agriculture. This producer-driven event aims to encourage dialogue surrounding soil health practices including cover crops, interseeding, and alternative cropping systems on the Palouse.

Weed management is an ongoing challenge in all crop production. WSU soil scientists have been working with a new group of herbicides that are registered for use in organic agriculture. These products have different modes of action than other herbicides. They may have a part to play in meeting challenges on the Palouse, such as managing herbicide-resistant weeds, maintaining direct seeded fields, or transitioning to organic production. Discussion will focus on the chemistry and effects of these new options, and research into their use in local systems.

This event is free and open to the public. Pre-registration is required. A recording will be available after the presentation at

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