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Upcoming Talk 12.08.22 | Restoration at Koppel Flat

Join us on Thursday, December 8th at 6:00 p.m. via Zoom for the next installment of our Conservation Talk Series! We will be joined by Jennifer Boie, Director at Palouse CD, as she discusses the history and future of restoration efforts at the Koppel Flat in Pullman.

Around the year 1900, Jacob and Louise Koppel purchased 200 acres at auction and spent the next few decades building a successful cattle farm with a large garden. Their property, which is known today as Koppel Farm, is now one of the only expansive green areas in city limits. Its community garden plots, proximity to the Chipman Trail, and access to both Paradise Creek and the South Fork Palouse River have made it a community hub for both people and wildlife.

Restoration efforts along the riparian zones within the Koppel Flat were initiated by the local nonprofit Groundworks and have been continued in recent years by Palouse Conservation District. In 2021 Palouse CD developed a formal conservation plan to address resource concerns in the area. Over the last two years, local volunteers have joined us on projects that protect water quality and soil health along the riparian area. These projects have included planting native plants to hold soil and increase habitat availability for wildlife, implementing bank stabilization projects to make the adjacent trail safer, and removing weeds such as tansy, hemlock, and thistle. While great progress has been made to increase the health of the soil and water of Koppel Flat, much work remains to be done to ensure the longevity of this habitat for future generations of people, plants, and animals.

Unable to join us for this presentation? The recording will be posted here the next day.

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